Support the Center in 2021

Participate in the annual Giving Intention Program

For the past five years our Giving Intention Program, with your help, has been responsible for stabilizing our finances, supporting our staff, helping those experiencing homelessness, sending our Board and Practitioners on leadership retreats, supporting on-going education for Dr. Andrea and allowing us to do the much needed maintenance and renovations to bring our Center into the beautiful form it is now. It’s an amazing program of shared financial support!

We invite you to consider signing up for this program by letting us know what is possible for you to give monthly. Every dollar matters and every gift counts!

Simply fill out the online Giving Intention form below with the amount you are able to give. If there’s the ability to give extra, we have two optional categories for giving – the Renovations Fund which allows us to upgrade things like our air filtration system and the Family Promise/Laundry Love Fund which provides meals for families experiencing homelessness and much-needed laundry services as well.

Complete the online form below before Tuesday, December 1st, 2020. Thank you in advance for your willingness to contribute!

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You also have the option of downloading the Giving Intention Form.

Complete the form and either email it to or mail to 2224 Yew Street Road, Bellingham, WA 98229.


Please be sure to inform the CSL-Bellingham office if/when your contact information changes, especially if you opt in as an Evergreen Contributor. See below.

I wish to become an Evergreen Contributor and request that my pledge be renewed automatically year to year. I will contact CSL-Bellingham immediately if I wish to amend my contribution or if my contact information changes.

A) General Fund Contribution

I desire to assist the Center for Spiritual Living in funding its 2021 Budget by providing my best estimate of my giving in 2021.

B) Renovation Fund - additional amount

This fund supports the repairs, improvements and beautification of our facility.

C) Community Outreach Fund - Laundry Love/Family Promise

Laundry Love provides washing/drying for those experiencing homelessness/low-income people, to enable dignity, job readiness and friendship.

Family Promise lifts families off the street, allowing them to stay together while placement in housing and employment are found.

Total: $

Planned amount may be changed by calling the Center Office (360-734-4160).

When donating, please identify yourself so that your contribution can be recorded properly.
You will receive a giving statement after the end of each quarter.

No cost to CSL

  • - Cash
  • - Personal Check
  • - Bank Bill Pay

Incurs cost to CSL

  • - Credit
  • - Debit
  • - PayPal

If you’d prefer “automatic withdrawal/payment,” please contact the office (360-734-4160) to provide a credit/debit card number or bank account information.