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Center for Spiritual Living™ Bellingham provides spiritual tools to transform our personal lives and help make the world a better place.

We honor all paths to God and can help you experience a personal relationship with God. When God is the focus of our spirituality, then other areas of our lives fall into place: we are happier, we can do more for others, be better stewards of the Earth, and help bring peace and harmony to the world.

If you are searching for a spiritual community where you are respected and accepted for who you are and want the inspiration and support to grow to your highest potential, please accept our invitation to visit us soon!

Theme for 2016: Think Globally/Act Locally


"We believe the ultimate goal of life to be the complete emancipation from all discord of every nature and that this goal is sure to be attained by all." ~ Ernest Holmes

We have a lofty aim in the Science of Mind teaching - "the complete emancipation from all discord of every nature!" Wow. How is that possible? This is the theme for the month of June, and it will be an interesting series of talks, for sure!

In a nutshell, when we look deeply into the root cause of discord in our personal lives (or the world for that matter), we can see that it arises from a set of limited beliefs and ideas that bind us to ways of thinking, speaking and acting that reinforce and justify the expected discordant results. Trapped in a huge negative feedback loop and supported by the fundamental outer appearances of duality, it is no wonder we suffer!

There is another way! The training of our minds and the release of old beliefs in favor of new, more harmonious ideas allow new experiences to bloom in our lives - experiences filled with peace, beauty and loving-kindness. Dualistic thinking gives way to a penetrating unity behind all things, making the earth and all its inhabitants brothers and sisters in the One.

I hope you join me!
Dr. Andrea

Our service on June 26, 2016 - 9:30am

Freedom From Discord:
What Lao Tzu Knew

Doctor Andrea Asebedo

The early service is an opportunity to attend a different kind of Service earlier on Sunday mornings. This Service is brief, just half an hour in length and will include prayer and a message and then lead into our regular fifteen-minute Sunday meditation. The message is unique at each service.

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