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Center for Spiritual Living™ Bellingham provides spiritual tools to transform our personal lives and help make the world a better place.

We honor all paths to God and can help you experience a personal relationship with God. When God is the focus of our spirituality, then other areas of our lives fall into place: we are happier, we can do more for others, be better stewards of the Earth, and help bring peace and harmony to the world.

If you are searching for a spiritual community where you are respected and accepted for who you are and want the inspiration and support to grow to your highest potential, please accept our invitation to visit us soon!

Theme for 2015: Pilgrimage of the Heart


“What each must seek in his life never was on land or sea. It is something out of his own unique potentiality for experience, something that never has been and never could have been experienced by anyone else.”

~ Joseph Campbell

The pilgrim’s path will inevitably include experiences that use every single piece and part of us to move through - and more than that! The spiritual path we walk, of necessity, will be an evolving path. And therefore we will be challenged by the evolving Principle of Life Itself to move beyond the known boundaries of our expression and allow the fires of initiation to mold us, shape us and transform our understanding.

Initiation challenges us to the very core of our abilities! And there are only two routes we can choose - the way of holding the experience as a gift of transformation and growth, or the way of the martyr, burdened and resentful of the challenge. And the whole of our spiritual journey serves to prepare us for these times so that we may use the difficult challenges as springboards to expanded consciousness.

Join me and my special guest, the Rev. Collin King, as we explore the power of initiation and the way of transformation.

Dr. Andrea

Our service on August 2, 2015 - 9:30am

The Ultimate Boon:
Consulting the Oracle

Doctor Andrea Asebedo

The early service is an opportunity to attend a different kind of Service earlier on Sunday mornings. This Service is brief, just half an hour in length and will include prayer and a message and then lead into our regular fifteen-minute Sunday meditation.

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